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And they lived happily ever after. The end.


LOL at the Death Note one

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best siblings bye


very important stores 


I just realized that the lack of acceptance for asexuals is literally the dumbest thing.
Like, you can’t handle the thought of two dudes kissing? Okay you’re dumb and terrible whatever.
But you can’t handle the idea… Of someone… Not kissing anyone? What are you worried about? They’re gonna eat too much mac n cheese?? Draw too many dinosaurs??? Tell me

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New comic!

Yeah, I might have watched a movie and gotten kind of mad.

This is seriously a trope I’d love to never see again though.


men don’t get to decide what is misogynistic

straight people don’t get to decide what it homophobic

cis people don’t get to decide what is transphobic

white people don’t get to decide what is racist

people in positions of power

don’t get to decide what is considered oppression

that’s how we move backwards, not forwards

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